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History of Somos Mayfair Somos Mayfair was founded in 1997 (originally as the Mayfair Improvement Initiative) to address chronic crisis in Mayfair, a working-poor and immigrant neighborhood in east San Jose.  In the early years, Somos partnered with government, corporate, and nonprofit allies to renovate community infrastructure, catalyze new community investment, and develop new coalitions. Over the years, Somos revamped itself to most effectively operate in line with the needs of the community, and opportunities for regional partnerships evolved. In the past three years, this has led Somos...

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Buy Your Ticket Now On behalf of our Board of Directors, Staff, and Promotores, we cordially invite you to join us at our Gracias A La Vida celebration, which also happens to fall on Somos’ 20th Anniversary! At this year’s event, we will give you an update on our campaign and our continued commitment to: Increase access to quality early learning, Advance student equity, and Strengthen the economic opportunities of community workers. Join us for a night full of festivities as we highlight our successes and the assets of our community.   2017 Sponsors Anonymous ($20,000) Fremont...

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Mission & Values

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Mission Somos Mayfair supports children, organizes families, and connects neighbors to uplift the dreams, power, and leadership of community and address systemic inequities. Vision For Our Children Every child in Mayfair… Is prepared with the early learning and literacy skills needed to develop and thrive. Has access to equitable opportunities and resources to discover and develop their passion, talents, and gifts. Can analyze, read, and question the world, contributing unique voice, perspective, and action. Is supported in developing a positive self-identity, with a deep...

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Our Community Partners

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First 5 Santa Clara County City of San Jose Veggielution     Amigos De Guadalupe Grail Family Services The School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza Kidango Reading Partners    Children’s Dental...

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Support DACA

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Support Our Mayfair DACA Youth #HereToStay   On September 5th 2017, the Trump administration decided to rescind DACA and put in jeopardy the lives of over 800,000 families.  This decision goes against our nation’s foundational values and has betrayed the people who placed their trust in Government to protect and defend our values.   For DACA youth like Samantha, Trump’s decision means losing the opportunity to provide for her family, cutting off educational opportunities, being at risk of deportation, and having to scramble to find a way to pay for her DACA renewal fees....

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