SOMOS Fuertes


This year we launched the South Bay Network of Promotores that will certify community members in facilitation, outreach and child care to advance a social justice agenda in institutions and increase access to economic opportunity for residents in Mayfair.


  1. Placement of Promotor@s

  2. Coaching and Consulting Services


A vibrant team of well-trained, highly-skilled peer educator, community workers across the South Bay that increases access to economic opportunity for the workers, and serves as a bridge between institutions and local people supporting the transformation of communities.


To bring civic-minded institutions closer to their stakeholders, with insight and knowledge on issues and trends, through the engagement of community members via trusted relationships with Promotor@s.

Network Goals

Benefit to Network Customers 

  • Provide efficient, effective access for public institutions, non-profit organizations, and private sector entities to conduct engagement activities resulting in better understanding of and accountability to the communities in which they operate.
  • Serve as collaborative thought-partner strengthening the capacity of institutions and organizations to enhance their relationships with stakeholders.

Benefit to South Bay Communities 

  • Advance social justice by seeing engagement activity findings utilized in ways that result in improved policies, practices, and/or other positive changes in community conditions.

Benefit to Residents 

  • By exchanging ideas on civic and community matters of importance to them, stakeholders exercise their personal power and take steps to support their own family’s success.

Benefit to Network Workers/Cooperative Owners 

  • Provide fair compensation at a living-wage level to Promotores for their work as a means to supplement to their household income.
  • Provide a business ownership stake for people of many backgrounds through a democratically-governed LLC partner cooperative.

Services For Clients

  • Placement of Promotor@s: SOMOS Fuertes provides clients with a well-trained and highly-skilled workers, placed in organizations to carry out short-term community engagement projects:
  • Community Outreach
  • Surveying & Focus Group Facilitation
  • On-Site Childcare
  • Advocacy Training
  • Translation / Interpretation
  • Coaching and Consulting Services: Coaching services provided to organizations ready to integrate the Promotor Model into their program structure, who then have access to our expertise and training curricula for their staff and volunteers.


Lead Contact

Patrick Soricone, Manager of Strategic Partnerships