Did you know young adults can develop into leaders as they promote early school readiness for Somos Mayfair?

Olivia (a volunteer for Somos Mayfair) was shy and soft-spoken when she first joined Somos Mayfair, but blossomed into a confident leader as she helped parents find their own voice as community leaders.

Olivia’s been with Somos for a few months and volunteers in our early school readiness program.  She’s a peer mentor who has been instrumental in outreach for Somos Mayfair’s programs.  Although her initial involvement with Somos Mayfair was via home visits and the YMCA mobile pre-school, she soon found that her true passion lied within the collective action efforts of Somos Mayfair.

Parent engagement and student achievement greatly depends on the ability of parents and teachers to communicate and establish clear student expectations, so Olivia continually encouraged parents to advocate on behalf of their community and children’s school. Through her efforts, she soon developed her own leadership, communication, and advocacy skills. This year, she will be testifying at a school district board hearing to advocate for translation and interpretation services district-wide for all students and parents.

Thanks to Olivia and the parent leaders she has cultivated, there is now an opportunity to collaborate with the local school board to introduce a policy that ensures translation and interpretation services district-wide.   


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